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Welcome to Fallout! This is a social orientated Clan for the PC Server of DEFIANCE. At this time, this game is a little buggy, but it is a great game to play, and a lot will come out of it once all the tweaks are fixed. This website is a conduit for message boards, events, and postings that will help aid others to play this game, and to complete the tasks given in the game. Use this to your full advantage. This website will slowly expand as we get new members. Thank you for your support.

April 29 - The GM was able to successfully fix ALL members that participated in the Clan Shadow Wars Social event, to have their pursuit reflected accordingly. Check your pursuits (only those who participated) Any further questions, please go ahead and ask. The conversation that took place between myself and the GM can be found in the forums in General Discussion.

May 2 Page Update - Now restricted Visitors from reading the Forums on the website, if people want to make a contribution, or want to use the info to help them, they need to register to the website first before they can have full access to the site. This is also why i moved the Vent Info to the Forums, it has its own category.

23/2 In Frieght Yard, no Cerberus - http://puu.sh/2LvB9.jpg
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